About the Project

About the project

Aims of WBL project:

  1. To create environment for sustainable program that will enable participants to move from adolescence into adulthood as productive workers.
  2. To foster the creation of a cross national system (recommendations and guidelines) that will achieve these purposes.
  3. To address the issues at a policy level to improve access and success of work based learning

Project period:

  • November 2015 – April 2018

Main activities:

  1. Develop a strategic policy framework prior to the commencement of the reviewing process.
  2. Review work based learning schemes in countries involved in the project and collect information on the needs and demands within industries (especially SME) and on regional development strategies.
  3. Joint training workshops for tutors from VET and tutors from host companies in LV, NL, ES, SL
  4. Develop at least three different flexible operational modules for WBL that respond to different environments and needs.
  5. Conduct stakeholder consultations on the models developed.
  6. Prepare recommendations and guidelines to be adopted in the new models for work based learning.
  7. Prepare a sustainability plan for each country and disseminate the models at EU level and to countries (especially reform-oriented EU new member state countries) outside the partnership.

Main outputs:

  1. Developed three different flexible WBL models that take into account specific regional environment, sectoral need and local development strategies.
  2. Straightened ties with industries to be more involved in the shaping young adult occupational career.


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